Phoenix House

A Transitional Home For Victims of Domestic Abuse

~ A new beginning ~ A chance to live free of abuse ~ A chance for my children to be free of abuse

Phoenix House offers women, and their children, who are returning to Starke County from emergency shelter from domestic abuse, a place to live for up to two years.

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During this time, a case manager assists the family in carrying out the terms of the program agreement. The clients are offered resources to help them become independent and self-sufficient, such as, but not limited to:

  • Obtaining a GED
  • Acquiring job training or a skill
  • Post-secondary education
  • Abuse support groups, or counseling
  • Money management
  • Abuse-free parenting skills
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Domestic abuse education


Phoenix House, a transitional home for abused women and their children which opened in 2001. Phoenix House is a program tailored to each resident. There is a case manager and advocates who work with the women and their children to help them set goals and make plans. Classes in parenting, budgeting, nutrition, healthy relationships, and so forth are offered to the women. We usually recommend that the woman and her children seek professional counseling. Of all the things we do, safety planning is the most important.

Transitional housing is a residential program that includes support services. Usually, women come to our program after being in emergency shelter. Transitional housing is designed as a bridge to self-sufficiency and permanent housing. Residents usually remain from six months to two years, and are typically required to establish goals to work towards independence and economic stability.

Facts on Housing and Violence

On average, more than three women a day are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the United States and women experience two million injuries from intimate partner violence each year. Our nation’s lack of affordable housing can dramatically reduce options for women experiencing domestic violence, trapping them in abusive situations or forcing them and their children to become homeless if they leave. Women living in poverty are especially vulnerable. Despite this, domestic violence often becomes so severe that women leave their homes, even when they have no place to go. In fact, domestic violence is a major cause of homelessness in this country.

Donate to CADA

CADA provides information and services to Starke County residents, shelter and services to victims of domestic abuse, rape, and sexual assault in Starke, Porter, and Lake counties. An advocate works in Starke County to assist the victims.