Mission / History

Our Mission

The Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) recognizes that the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault:

  • affect all socioeconomic levels of society.
  • affect all age groups, especially targeting women, children, and the elderly.
  • are learned behaviors of power and control over another person.
  • constitute a cycle of violence that is passed from generation to generation.

CADA will work toward the goal of the elimination of domestic violence and sexual assault through education and awareness, through referrals of resources to victims, through work toward a combined community response to aid victims, and through support of emergency shelters and transitional housing for victims, and through holding abusers accountable for their actions.

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CADA provides information and services to Starke County residents, shelter and services to victims of domestic abuse, rape, and sexual assault in Starke, Porter, and Lake counties. An advocate works in Starke County to assist the victims.